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Honolulu adult day care is a vital service for caregivers and seniors living in the area. Many caregivers sacrifice a lot in order to provide care for their loved ones, including their careers and their own health and well-being. A quality adult day care service can give caregivers a safe and nurturing environment to take their loved ones where they will be well cared for by a competent staff. This allows many caregivers the opportunity to continue working, take part time employment, or even to just take some time off for respite. There are a couple of different kinds of adult day care programs that are generally available. One type of program focuses on providing skilled nursing care or specialized medical treatments like memory care or stroke care. Another type of program is more geared towards seniors who need some assistance but are generally active. These programs often have a variety of activities and outings for the seniors in their care and offer the assistance that they need to fully enjoy participating in those activities. To the right, you will find a comprehensive directory of adult day care providers in the area. The Eldercare Channel of Honolulu, HI, sponsored by Scott Makuakane, an estate planning and elder law attorney with Est8Planning Counsel LLLC, provides numerous directories and resources for seniors and caregivers to help them find the services that they need. We also offer advice on choosing adult day care as well as many other articles on a range of topics that are important to the elder community.

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