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Honolulu hospice care can do a lot for local seniors and their loved ones, and is a vital service to many. Hospice provides what is called palliative care, which is comfort care that does not seek to cure a particular illness. For seniors in the final stages of a terminal disease or in the last weeks of their lives, hospice can relieve their pain and suffering, allowing them to die with dignity and in relative comfort. Not only does hospice strive to attend to the physical comfort of individuals who are dying, but workers also provide emotional and spiritual comfort to these individuals as well as their families. There are a couple of different ways that seniors can receive hospice care services. One way is to transfer to a facility that provides that care on a full time basis. These facilities are fully staffed to attend to the care and comfort of their patients. Another way to receive hospice care is to hire an in home care provider. If your loved one wishes to remain in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home until the end, hospice workers can come into the home to provide care. You will find a directory of area hospice care service providers listed below to help you find the services that you need. Attorney Scott Makuakane, with Est8Planning Counsel LLLC, provides The Eldercare Channel of Honolulu, HI as a website dedicated to providing resources to seniors and caregivers. We have a number of directories available to help you find services in the local area. We also offer advice and tips in our many articles on topics that are important to the elder community.

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