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Welcome to the Honolulu Elder Law section of The Eldercare Channel. Elder Law is a specialized form of legal practice that addresses the unique situations and needs experienced by senior citizens and their loved ones.  Traditionally centered on such things as Medicaid and estate planning, Elder Law experts can also focus on things such as disability and insurance law, guardianships, real estate law, elder abuse, and other common issues.  Experts specializing in working with the elderly often receive additional education and training that helps them to better understand the unique needs of aging clients. When seeking an Elder Law expert, finances are usually a primary consideration.  Many seniors live on a fixed income, and finding a lawyer who can work with this can be difficult.  For some issues, such as drafting paperwork, it may prove beneficial to seek a paralegal who specializes in Elder Law.  For other cases, finding a lawyer who understands your financial situation and who has the experience, expertise and willingness to help you accomplish your goals may take a bit of research. The Eldercare Channel is a unique resource intended to help seniors and their loved ones access information and resources on a variety of senior issues.  Our local search features lets you obtain a listing of area Elder Law providers within seconds.  You will also find countless blogs and articles that can help you better understand Elder Law services as well as what to look for in a legal expert. Our video host, Scott Makuakane, is an estate planning and elder law attorney with Est8Planning Counsel LLLC. For help with your estate planning needs, please contact Est8Planning Counsel LLLC at (808) 587-8227.
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