BrightStar Care of Honolulu

705 S. King St

Honolulu, HI, 96813

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Aloha.  BrightStar is a national franchise. There are about 300 local agents nationwide now. My wife and myself owned the rights to the Honolulu market. We have been at it for almost just about four years now and we’ve grown a lot.

We really feel like we are making a positive impact in the community.

However, we didn’t start out in the home care business, we started out in the banking business. Eventually there was something tugging at our hearts. 

The mortgage (the banking) business got to be monotonous. We really felt like something was missing. We really wanted to feel that we were helping someone. It was time to make a change. My wife and I thought long and hard what we can do that would be making a positive impact, and yet at the same time be in an industry where there is need.

We were led to home care with the aging population. All of us have parents that we have to take care of, so it led to us home care. We didn’t have any direct experience in health care, so we decided to purchase a franchise.

We found BrightStar because their values were lined up with ours. They actually interviewed to make sure we were a right fit for them. It was a good fit. We’ve taken a lot of things that they have put together for us, but added our own touch, just Aloha to it.

The thing that drives us is we come up with our Hoku’alohi promise for BrightStar in Hawaii. It says we want to provide the kind of care that we would for our own loved ones, being compassionate, empathetic, patient, and kind. That’s our tag line. Everything we do, we are doing with that in mind.

Everybody who works in this field cares and is trying to do the right things and a great job. We feel that we have a few things that we’ve done that set us apart.

We are joint commission accredited. If you are not familiar what that is, it’s the gold seal in health care. That’s what the hospitals put themselves through. It’s sort of a neutral third party from the name that comes down and they go through your operation.

They go out in the field, they visit families, they watch your practices, how your caregivers do everything from washing their hands the right way, to how they transfer, to how they record the care notes. They check to make sure you are they doing it the right way. Then they come in your office and then they look at your files to make sure that you are documenting everything from falls to that you have a plan of correction.

So for us, we also talked about it in this industry, it’s hard to be perfect all the time. We all strive for that. It’s a people industry but you have to have means to correct things and have guidelines and that’s where the Joint Commission accreditation is a really big thing.

We are also part of the Better Business Bureau. As part of their business bureau and as part of the franchise, they send out Press Ganey Surveys, called the patient impact surveys. I’m proud to say that right now at this quarter; we have 100% that make us promoters. We have to be a nine or ten. Anything less, you’re not a promoter.

We have outside reviews and an outside evaluation on an ongoing basis to make sure the quality is high.

The other thing that we’ve done and we’ve taken it another step further is we send out our own surveys to the families and also to our caregivers. We’ve grown our business by listening to what our caregivers have to say. So they send in the surveys and they can say whatever they want about everyone who they come in contact with in our office, all the way from the owners, down to the scheduler. We’ve learned a lot and it’s really helped us to become a better agency.


To just to get more information and some of our success stories, go to our website,

We have a lot of testimonials. There’s also a video here of a touching testimonial of the care that one of our caregivers provided for his wife who passed away. It’s about the difference that she made in his life.If you want to watch something that’s extremely touching, it’s good a place to go.