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Kokua Care of Honolulu: We provide the best quality home care in Hawaii for our Kupuna.

Scott Makuakane: Aloha. Welcome to the Honolulu Elder Care Channel. I’m attorney Scott Makuakane with the Law Firm of Estate Planning Council, and I am here today with Hope Young, who is the director of Care Services with Kokua Care. So, Hope could you kind of give us an idea of how your company helps our kupuna.

Hope Young: So, we go into the home, and we do anywhere from one hour baths to two hour visits, all the way up to 24-hour care. It is tailored around the client’s needs. So, whatever tutu needs, that is what tutu will get, and that is how we provide our services for them.

Scott Makuakane: Okay, and how do people learn about you generally?

Hope Young: We have a lot of word of mouth, we have been servicing clients since 2004.

Scott Makuakane: Um-Hum.

Hope Young: So, we’ve been out there for about 10 years now, and we do some advertising. A lot of times people will see our little family, our couple, and they recognize us right of the bat. When you visit the fairs and the shows, we go out into the community and meet the families out there.

Scott Makuakane: Okay, and then what is your experience with elder care?

Hope Young: Well, I have been with the company since almost the beginning. Before that, I used to be a nurse’s aide and I worked in a dementia unit, and I just loved them. Alzheimer and dementia patients have a big place in my heart. Some people have a hard time dealing with them, but they’re just fun.

Scott Makuakane: Okay, and how does your company specifically help the families?

Hope Young: So, we are – we like to think of ourselves as an extension of the family. So, we provide services for the senior in their home, in place of when a family member is not able to. So, sometimes that means the family is on the mainland and they are not able to go visit tutu as often as possible. So, we will go in and we will check on them or they may be working all day and they want someone to make sure that Grandma Fief has a meal or she eats, or her medicines, or that she’s not sitting all day and just watching television. So, we are an extension of the family. We can help with all kinds of things, like housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, exercises, companionship, going for errands, and outings. We do a lot of different things and it is custom tailored to what the client needs and what the family wants.

Scott Makuakane: Okay, and do you find that there are special benefits that are enjoyed by the people that you take care of.

Hope Young: Oh, yeah. One of the nicest things – and family members have probably heard the same stories over and over again from tutu, one of the nice things is that when we go in it is a fresh start. So, they really appreciate being able to say a story and the person really listening. You know, it is a new story for them. Often times they build a bond with the person that’s coming. The caregiver and the client build a bond. When they have that bond, it is almost like a friendship and they have something to look forward to. My girl comes on Tuesdays and we go to Starbucks, or we go to Don Quixote because that is Senior Day.

Scott Makuakane: Um-Hum.

Hope Young: We go shopping. They really look forward to that, and it gives them something to look forward to during the weekdays. If they have a regular caregiver coming, it also means that caregiver is able to recognize when something is going wrong with them. They’re able to distinguish if there’s a problem, or if tutu should go to the doctor because something is not right. They’ll be able to report it back to us, in which we will report it to the family.

Scott Makuakane: Terrific. Now is there anything else you can tell us about your company that makes them uniquely situated to assist our elderly?

Hope Young: Well, one of the things that we do is we – it’s almost like a matchmaking process. So, we like to match personalities. Tutu maybe quiet and shy, but she’ll come out and blossom when she has someone a little bit more outgoing. Or, maybe they are really outgoing and they like to talk a lot, so they do well with a quiet and shy person. Sometimes, their ethnicities are matching, then they can enjoy food and cooking, like home cooking and they really enjoy that. So, it’s really a matchmaking kind of process, and that’s one of the things that we do when we come up for the assessments is we get a feel for how they are, what kind of personality they have, the things they like to do. And then, we match them not only on the ability of the caregiver but also personality.

Scott Makuakane: So, it’s very personalized and very customized for the individual.

Hope Young: Yes, very much.

Scott Makuakane: Okay, well thank you so much, Hope Young, Director of Care Services at Kokua Care.

Hope Young: Thank you for having me.



About Us

Kokua Care was established in 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Oahu to provide the best quality home care in Hawaii for our Kupuna, our precious seniors, so that they may stay as long as they choose in the homes that they love.

At Kokua Care Home Care we hire Caregivers that we would have as home care for our own families. We use only the highest standards when selecting employees by checking work and personal references and performing detailed background and DMV investigations. All Kokua Care Caregivers are employees and are thus bonded and insured and abide by the strict Kokua Care code of ethics.

Kokua Care Caregivers go the extra mile to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. Our Caregiver Matching Process and Quality Assurance program gurantees that all clients and families experience the Kokua Care difference.

Kokua Care Home Care has provided home care to 100’s of Hawaii’s seniors giving them and their families in Hawaii and on the mainland, comfort, confidence, dignity and indepence.

Care Services

KOKUA CARE provides professional in-home personal care nursing and companionship services that allow our clients to remain living in their own homes here in Honolulu, Hawaii . Statistics show that seniors who remain in their own homes extend their livelihoods because of the comfort, confidence and the independence that this affords them. KOKUA CARE provides in home nursing care services island wide on Oahu.

Personal Assistance

Companionship, Daily Errands & Household Chores

Compassionate listening, Book and Newspaper Reading, Just being there, Home safety supervision, Exercising, Range of motion, Light housekeeping, Dusting & mopping, Laundry and ironing, Make beds & change linens.

Communication & Transportation

Mobility Assistance Wheelchair / Walker , Transfers, Correspondence, Phone Call Assistance, Appointment Reminders,Transportation , Escort to appointments, Shopping, Entertainment, etc.

Medical Care

Minor medical care, Nursing care, Medication reminders, Meal planning & preparation including special diets.

Personal Care

Bathing, showers, toileting, grooming, nails, oral hygiene, incontinence care, massage therapy and now offering Reiki too.

Respite Care & Others

When selecting an in-home care service in Honolulu, you need to know that you or your loved one is in good hands. This list is only a sample of the benefits we offer, from Respite Care for the family to Personal Care for our client. Respite Care can be vitally important as it allows the family time to recharge or go to work without guilt or worry. You can be certain that your loved one is getting the same attention if you were there yourself. But that is just the beginning of our quality services.

  • Compassionate Respite Care
  • Considerate Care with Aloha
  • Caring is Kokua
  • Commitment to Your Well Being
  • Experienced ‘Akamai’
  • Ongoing Training provided for all Caregivers
  • Are easily identified by KOKUA CARE photo ID badges
  • Are employees of KOKUA CARE
  • Include Trained Home Health Aides (HHAs), Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs), and Nurses (RN’s)
  • Are matched for compatibility to client’s needs
  • Are oriented to each client’s needs
  • Electronic check-in with the home office upon arrival and departure at client’s home
  • Have passed initial and periodic security and driving background investigations
  • Work and Personal References are thoroughly checked
  • Abide by the Kokua Care Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Are covered under the KOKUA CARE Workers Compensation Insurance Policy
  • Ongoing Quality Assurance Plan