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Aloha. I am Michael Char of Right At Home. I am one of the first graduates of Pearl City High School…a good local boy who went away to the mainland for awhile and came back and has a new calling in life. I went to school here at a local technical university called Electronics Institute; it’s a two and half year course. Upon graduation, I took up a position in the mainland and started in aerospace.

Pretty much became a rocket scientist.

I worked on various programs throughout my career there. Hughes Aircraft was the starting point then GM; General Motors bought our company out. So successively, I was there for about 32 years.

For about six months, I did some soul searching. I was too young to fully retire. So, I went back and basically looked back at my past and what made me feel the best, in terms of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As a teenager growing up here in Pearl City, I was actually the caregiver for my grandparents in my teenage years. I cared for my grandpa and grandma for about seven years.

Caring for my grandparents gave me a lot of satisfaction. I’m a compassionate person. This is something that I thought that’s holding me in terms of the aging population here. It was time for me to give back to. I’m part of that baby boomer generation as well, so I will definitely in a few years be of that age.

Our business started in October of 2012. We are the first Right At Home in Hawaii. I have offices all over the place–they are all throughout the whole world…44 states. We are in Brazil, Canada, China, Australia. They are moving into Japan at the end of the summer break.

It’s quite a network. We even provide care for visitors to the islands. We have been getting numerous calls from people from the mainland inquiring about taking care of their elder mother or father during the time that they come on vacation to visit the island, so it’s quite exciting.

Although we are an in-home care and assisted living company, we also try to take it a little bit further because we are here to help. We are here to help and so it may take us away from some of our normal routine and normal business but we are here to offer services.

We’ve actually just started with a client about a month ago, and we were called by a daughter of hers requesting for services.  We normally go in and do an in home pre-consultation, just to assess the situation, to find out the condition of the client–whether they need meds or anything like that.

We were pretty surprised to find out that not only her, but three other members of the family were also disabled, as well.

 They were all seniors.

So we were slowly getting involved with the veterans administration, and the elder care resources in Hawaii that help disabled people. We are tapping into those resources.

One of the large problems here in the islands which we have noticed is the clutter, so that makes it a safety factor for caregivers. Part of the assessment is to make sure that it is safe for our caregivers to travel throughout their home, and have free access to the bathroom and kitchen if they are going to help our clients.

In this particular case, we were able to connect people to the various services that are available in the community, and governmental services. We go above and beyond to help the family, to get that comfort.